Empower Distributed Teams to Stay Pain-free

How We're Different

Worklete has partnered with some of the top minds in athletics, physical therapy and behavioral science to develop an innovative methodology that gets to the root of the problem. Our technology platform enables us to scale this proven methodology to hundreds of thousands of employees, equipping safety teams with the tools they need to significantly reduce musculoskeletal injuries.


Keep Workers On the Job

Worklete delivers consistent, short learning modules in 3-5 minute increments every week to build safe, strong movement habits over time. We make it easy for workers to adopt with minimal impact on a company's operations.



Our mobile-ready platform can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, including desktop, tablet and mobile. For organizations with limited access, we also offer a pre-configured Tech Pack to get you up and running quickly.


Customized Learning Paths

Worklete delivers custom courses and videos tailored to each worker’s job function and language. Standard languages available include English and Spanish with additional languages available upon request.


Real-time Engagement Reporting

Worklete’s analytics provide a high level of organizational oversight. Drill down reporting enables managers to see which regions, locations, and individuals are completing their coursework, providing leading indicators that can help prevent injuries before they occur.


Enterprise Level Scalability

Worklete can scale to support millions of concurrent users. Our platform and methodology has been purpose-designed and proven to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in large, distributed workforces.

Worklete Customers see an average ROI of 300%.

Let’s talk about how we can deliver similar results for your company.