Benjamin Kanner

Co-founder & CEO

Benjamin Kanner is the co-founder and CEO of Worklete, which he built based off a consulting practice his father started and ran for 30 years. Prior to Worklete, Ben co-founded and served as the COO for ChouxBox, a software solutions provider for the hospitality industry. Early in his career, Ben held various financial positions at Deutsche Bank, Rabobank and Contour Venture Partners. Ben holds an MBA from Columbia University and earned his B.A. from The University of California, Berkeley where he played varsity rugby and graduated with Honors.

John Leo Post

Co-Founder & VP of Product

A renowned movement expert, John has five years of experience training and coaching with top minds in strength and conditioning, including gold medalists, CrossFit champions, and professional athletes. Throughout his career, John has applied proven behavioral science techniques for creating positive habits, changing human behavior, and empowering people to reach their full potential. John is driven by the mission to make quality movement accessible to all and empower humans to live pain-free lives, and his work has been featured on People.com and Mobility WOD, among others. John holds a BS in International Business from Florida State.

James Rowley

Chief Technology Officer

Prior to joining Worklete, James led product teams at Oracle, Siebel Systems, Cisco and ClearCare - building the software that supports most of the world’s largest companies. In his 25+ years of experience as a software executive, he has led organizations through 3 IPOs, 3 sales and has been a part of the Siebel 100. James’ leadership at Worklete ensures an ever-accelerating rollout of new features coupled with world class systems performance.