work like
an athlete

why worklete?

Strengthen Your Safety Culture

The way you move affects whether or not you get injured.
Worklete provides training on human movement,
which keeps your team happy, healthy and injury-free.

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the program

Decrease Injuries, Protect Your Team

Train the Trainer

Worklete trains leaders within your organization
who coach their peers every week

Online education

Easy access to videos and training
materials via mobile and web

Engage your team

Weekly competition keeps the
crew motivated and engaged

5 minute, weekly lessons are high impact, low effort

Employee Happiness

Improve your team’s morale

"Seasoned route employees returned after using the Worklete training singing its praises! The most common responses were, ‘less soreness’ and ‘less fatigue.’"

Jennifer Jones, Director of Health, Safety & Environment

helping hard-working team members

No matter what industry you’re in,
movement matters

"This program is geared toward adapting and managing our body mechanics for the different tasks we do every day.
It is not a cut and dry 1,2,3 program; that's why it works well in our industry."

Jaime Martin, Hub Group Trucking


changing habits

Ergonomics is not enough.

Ergonomics programs are limited in their ability to decrease injuries. Even with specialty tools in place, team members still must interact with their environment.
That’s where Worklete comes in.

Worklete teaches team members how to default into the strongest positions
- no matter what task they are performing.

Worklete is not: 

  • X ergonomics
  • X weight loss
  • X 1 time consultancy
  • X Early intervention
  • X fitness for duty

what makes us different?

Born from Athletics,
Designed for Your Front Line

The Worklete program was developed in collaboration with
world-class physical therapists, athletes, and hard working employees

Worklete clients see an average ROI of 500%.
Let’s talk about how much money your company can save.

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