Work Like an Athlete

Worklete reduces musculoskeletal injuries in frontline workers by 53% on average, saving our customers millions of dollars a year in injury-related costs. Our mobile-ready training platform builds safe habits over time, improves operational efficiency, and strengthens culture.

Why Worklete

Prevent Injuries. Strengthen Culture. Improve Efficiency.

Musculoskeletal injuries continue to plague frontline workers, significantly impacting their work and personal lives. U.S. companies incur $31 Billion a year in direct costs alone, with indirect costs as much as 10 times that amount. Worklete helps companies prevent common MSD’s like strains, sprains and back injuries by creating strong movement habits. We leverage our proven experience, innovative methodology and scalable technology platform to create an engaging training experience for the employee that is tailored to each client's unique needs.


U.S. Companies spend $31B annually on MSD’s*


Worklete reduces MSD’s by 53% on average


96% of frontline workers love or like the Worklete program
*Source: Liberty Mutual Safety Index 2019
Our Approach

A Mixed-Learning Model

Our unique combination of online microlearning and in-person practice helps build habits that last. Like athletes, team members watch film and practice movements live on the field - or warehouse floor.


Worklete Customers see an average ROI of 300%.

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