Patient Handling

Nursing assistants have the highest rate of injuries and illnesses involving days-away-from-work.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013

Injuries In Patient Handling By The Numbers:


Nursing assistants have the highest number of muskluloskeletal disorders out of all occupations


Average cost of an injury to a nurse including lost time


Percentage of non-fatal injuries resulting from overexertion and bodily reaction



Nurses and other healthcare professionals deal with thousands of pounds of weight every day, moving patients that are different shapes and sizes and shift or even resist during handling and transfers. Even with team transfers and assisting devices, the risk of manual patient handling cannot be eliminated.

These factors have caused the rates of musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion in healthcare occupations to be the highest of all occupations.

It is both the ongoing routine and the unanticipated circumstances of this care-giving, yet labor intensive industry, that leads to the risk of injury. If it is not the result of a single incident, it is the cumulative effect of smaller injuries that eventually become a disability.

Training patient handlers to be WORKLETE_PRODUCTIONS is the solution.

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Learn how to protect patient handlers from overexertion injuries

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