Material Handling & Freight Distribution

The rate of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in warehousing is more than 2x the rate for all other private industries.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013

Injuries In Material Handling By The Numbers:

38 Days

Average lost time per year for a workplace-related injury


Average cost of an injury claim


Percentage of non-fatal injuries resulting from overexertion, bodily reaction, slips, trips, and falls



Driving and material handling in warehousing and distribution are complex tasks that require team members to spend their entire day moving heavy merchandise and performing repetitive movements in changing environments, while fulfilling productivity requirements. It is a multi-task occupation that demands enormous mental and physical strength.

Standardized body positioning does not apply in many circumstances and work demand often promotes body mechanics that strain rather than strengthen the body.

The result is often disability injuries either from a single incident or over a sustained period of time.

Training drivers and material handlers to be WORKLETE_PRODUCTIONS is the solution.

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  • Completely found a new and more effective way to do this job. Through this training I believe that overall the drivers will be able to grow stronger through implementing these steps.

    Ernie G., Route Relief
  • I discovered a safer way to lift and life changing techniques that I will be able to use for the rest of my life and teach others.

    William V., Route Training Mentor
  • Just learned how to lift. Took 38 years to learn the right way

    Dan V., Merchandiser
  • If I had been taught this course 16 years ago I would have avoided two back surgeries.

    Richard G., Unit Leader
  • I was shocked how much our company can change how we can lift to prolong employees' careers and limit injuries.

    Mark D., Service Coordinator (7 year veteran)
  • PSR is the most practical approach to safe handling of extreme weights available for the freight beverage industry.

    Dave, Director of Human Resources
  • In the year following placing PSR™ in the division IRMA's were reduced by 30%, back injuries were reduced 75%, with no back injuries resulting in loss times.

    Don C., Utility District Manager
  • Since the PSR [implementation], the Department of Water and Power has not had a documented back injury. According to field personnel, the program was excellent and it has significantly enhanced the safety program’s credibility.

    Carlos R., Safety Officer
  • Your training is the only one where I can feel the difference. Thank you.

    Emil M., 15 year veteran Merchandiser

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