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Full Time - San Francisco


Our motto is "Work like an athlete".

Worklete was founded in order to end musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace and drive down corresponding workers’ compensation (WC) costs. WC claims are causing US businesses to incur over $87B in direct costs annually, with additional indirect injury costs adding as much as 3X. Our unique software platform brings best-in-class techniques from physical therapy, sports medicine, and athletics to the loading dock, stock shelves and factory floor. Our customers see workplace injuries fall by 30-100% generating millions in annualized savings.

We not only impact a company's bottom line, but help hard-working folks in physically demanding jobs stay healthy, so they can enjoy their lives outside of work.

We are a small team with huge aspirations, building a fast-growing company that is changing the way we approach safety.

We are a 500 Startups alumni and venture funded company.


THE POSITION:                                                                

The Worklete training staff is a highly experienced group that comes from a diverse range of athletic backgrounds, yet all are like-minded in their dedication to the craft of coaching and to the message we share in our seminars. Most team members have 5-10 years of formal experience, are highly respected in their own field of coaching. At Worklete, we recognize there is no single best way to teach anything, and we value the input all our coaches have in our seminar process and how we present our information. We also hold ourselves to a very high standard, and are always striving to improve upon what we teach.

This is a full-time role based at the company HQ in San Francisco, with roughly half the time (sometimes more) spent traveling and leading our “Champion Certification” seminars. As Head Coach, you, along with a second “contract” coach, will travel to client sites and implement our full-day training to a variety of different clients, in a variety of different industries, such as intermodal trucking, warehousing and logistics, beverage distribution, and utilities. Your primary responsibility will be leading these training sessions, including coordinating with the key point of contact on site and executing the trainings. You will also be responsible for developing coaching talent, coordinating contract coaches, working with our travel agents to coordinate travel for the group, and communicating with clients ahead of seminars.

The other half of the time spent will be dedicated to assisting our Program, Operations, and Sales Teams. This will include new client discovery, training content creation, program design, and implementation in addition to other supporting functions.
Being able to relate to and communicate clearly and professionally with anyone, from the upper ranks of corporate management all the way down to front-line employees, is crucial in implementing seminars. Writing, critical thinking, and problem solving skills will be critical, not only in the seminars, but also in the program design phase.



  • Draw satisfaction from helping people.
  • Enjoy public speaking and presenting.
  • Have strong writing and critical thinking skills.
  • Are excited by the prospect of travelling the country (possibly the world!).
  • Are comfortable taking charge.
  • Are hungry to expand your knowledge base and work experience, and are excited by the prospect of working outside of a gym setting.
  • Thrive in a small team environment.
  • Can maintain a high level of professionalism, while being relatable to all members of the group.
  • Can engage and relate to clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • Can keep large groups engaged and on-task.



  • 2+ years formal coaching experience in a strength & conditioning, CrossFit, or personal training facility.
  • Experience working in a professional business setting.
  • Has a strong grasp of human movement mechanics.
  • Group coaching and public speaking experience.
  • Experience leading seminars is a plus.
  • Experience giving presentations in Powerpoint / Keynote etc. is a plus

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