Account Executive

San Francisco, CA

About Us

Our motto is "Work like an athlete".

Worklete was founded to end musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace and drive down the corresponding workers’ compensation (WC) costs. WC claims are causing US businesses to incur over $87B in direct costs annually, with additional indirect injury costs adding as much as 3X. Worklete features a B2B SaaS learning management system built to teach and reinforce fundamental human movement and mechanics. Our unique software platform brings best in class techniques from physical therapy, sports medicine, and athletics to the loading dock, stock shelves and factory floor. Our customers see workplace injuries fall by 30-100% generating millions in annualized savings.

We not only impact a company's bottom line, but help hard working folks in physical demanding jobs stay healthy, so they can enjoy their lives outside of work.

We are a small team with huge aspirations, building a fast growing company that is changing how folks approach safety.

We are a 500 Startups alumni and venture funded company.

About You

You are entrepreneurial in nature and love the idea of growing a business. You are excited to work on a small team and wear a variety of hats to solve problems as needed. You like the idea of being one of the first employees at a game-changing startup. You're hungry, intelligent, and looking for a place where your exceptional ambition and drive will let you grow and shine.

The winning candidate will be charged with building our pipeline and closing deals to accomplish rapid expansion.


Prior Experience:


  • 3-4+ years of full cycle enterprise sales experience.
  • Experience in a start-up environment where candidate was among first sales hires.
  • Has consistently exceeded sales targets and quotas.
  • Has a proven track record of bringing large complex enterprise deals from initial outreach through close.
  • Experience navigating complex organizational structures in large organizations, to identify the decision maker.
  • Demonstrated diligent career progression, through merit based promotion, in the sales team hierarchy.
  • Recent experience being hands-on in lead generation and leveraging various outlets to identify target clients and acquire contact information.
  • Recent experience using CRM programs, automated outreach, and other sales tools.
  • Experience with metrics-driven approach to measuring the success of outreach campaigns.
  • Previous responsibility analyzing results from sales activities, generating hypotheses and executing tests to affect positive change, as well as reporting on the effectiveness, and business impact.
  • At least 1 year at a start-up of fewer than 25 people a plus.


Personal Attributes:


  • Thrives in a small team environment.
  • Relentless work ethic; excited to raise a company from start-up to maturity.
  • Strong attention to details; does his/her homework at every opportunity to reach informed decisions.
  • Supremely action oriented; decisive in the face of ambiguous data/results.
  • Strong critical thinking skills; in order to solve problems and overcome seeming insurmountable hurdles or obstacles.
  • Comfortable with conflict and uses data/facts to support arguments; highly metric driven.
  • Can hear “no” many times, without losing “cool” under pressure.
  • Thrives when faced of adversity and can reason through unreasonable situations.
  • Not scared to pick up the phone.
  • Thinks outside the box.
  • Physically active and enjoys athletics a plus.


The Position

You are the first sales hire in an early stage company where the founders already are winning deals worth more than $1M. We’ve successfully raised funding, won some of the best brands in our target market, and now are ready to expand pipeline and accelerate customer growth. We have far and away the best product in our market and currently have a substantial lead on our closest competitors. This role reflects our commitment to maintaining if not expanding our lead.

  • Manage deal lifecycle from initial outreach through close, utilizing both high-touch inside sales techniques and face to face meetings with potential clients.
  • Determine best sales channels for a young start-up and craft messaging for the initial outreach through the full sales cycle.
  • Build sales pipeline leveraging pre-existing customer relationships and identified channels for new customer acquisition.
  • Close large enterprise deals with brand name clients!
  • Working closely with the founding team to execute the vision of reducing injuries for hard working folks, while saving millions in Workers’ Compensation for our clients.
Lex MustafinAccount Executive